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In our new section for sustainability, we show our guests around the hottest, greenest places on our patch. This ranges from boutique and vintage shopping to museums and repair shops to the neighbourhood’s most loved green, organic or eco-friendly restaurants and bars. We call it The Good Guide – happy exploring.


Kegelgasse 37-39, 1030 Vienna

As early as the 1980s, the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was creating a stir with his natural designs in Vienna. As an “architecture doctor”, Hundertwasser’s goal was to reshape austere buildings by introducing irregular structures and vegetation in a harmonious fashion. The 3rd District’s Hundertwasserhaus, the greenest apartment complex in central Vienna, the Hundertwasser Village across the street with a shop and cafe, and the Kunst Haus Wien, the Hundertwasser Museum, are all famous. Both the rooftops and walls of these three buildings are greened with trees, shrubbery and flowers in surprising, bright colors.

Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Vienna

Where is the topic of sustainability better addressed than in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien? The museum is striving to become CO2-neutral by 2030, among other things by expanding its own photovoltaic system. The environmental concept includes many small measures, which make a big impact when taken together: The donating of unneeded computers to social projects is just one of many examples. The topic is also increasingly dealt with in terms of the content.

Windtenstrasse 3, 1100 Vienna

Simply turn on the faucet and enjoy mountain spring water? That’s possible in Vienna. Vienna’s water flows from the mountain springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps, reaching the Austrian capital city 36 hours later in drinking water quality, without pumps and under the strictest regulations. It’s not for nothing that Vienna is the best city in the world to live in!

And in order for everyone to enjoy the cool water at eight degrees Celsius in summer, there are around 1,300 drinking fountains, 175 mist showers and “summer spritzers” to drive the heat down again on the streets.

The Vienna Water Tower in Favoriten is a relic from the time of drinking water supply before the second spring was constructed; it’s no longer connected to the water network, but it is a striking example of the “industrial historicism” style and is definitely worth a visit.

All around is the Water Tower water playground at 15,000 m² the largest water playground in Europe. The unique park landscape offers waterfalls, streams, ponds, bridges and pure relaxation on its extensive lawns. A water adventure path symbolizes and explains the journey of Viennese water from the mountains direct to Vienna!

Feeling spenny

Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna

Since 2013 Burggasse 24 is the place to go when you are looking for vintage fashion. The are continuously curating the most exciting pieces from all eras and providing a second life to pre-loved pieces. As soon as you enter your’re being hit ba a colourful range of products, which are meant to make you feel awesome.

Neubaugasse 68, 1070 Vienna

Calienna is a creative concept: store, café, gallery & creative studio. Calienna is dedicated to serving their customers and community by inspiring a relationship with nature and introspection through pants, books, thoughtful objects and conversation.

MIttersteig 10, 1050 Vienna

A second-hand store operated by Caritas that supports social projects and provides affordable clothing. The assortment ranges from clothing and furnishings to antiques and household goods – this can be found on 4000sqm. Well-preserved individual items are waiting for new owners.


Margaretenstrasse 166, 1050 Vienna

The neunerhaus Café is a space of possibilities and open to everyone. From Monday to Friday, a freshly prepared and healthy lunch is served here on a free donation basis. Those who can, give a little more. This way, other people can also enjoy a warm and healthy meal.

The neunerhaus café attaches great importance to sustainability and uses almost exclusively organic ingredients. For this, it has been awarded the “Naturally good food” certificate by OekoBusiness Vienna in silver and is a certified BIO AUSTRIA partner.

Margartetenstrasse 58, 1050 Vienna

The Demeter farm Meinklang has recently opened a farm store in Vienna, which also functions as a café and bistro. Most of the products on offer there come from the Meinklang farm in the district of Neusiedl am See and cover everything you would expect from a well-stocked grocer these days, from fresh meat, sausage and dairy products, fresh vegetables, fermented foods and natural wine. Even the sourdough bread is baked from home-grown grain in the bakery at the back of the farm store. In addition to the small and fine breakfast selection, there are also other snacks and wines to enjoy together.

Johannesgasse 4A, 1010 Vienna

There is a good cause behind the delicious buns and cakes that the grandmas and grandpas bake at Vollpension: with its concept, the generations café helps to embed senior citizens in a social structure and supplement their (possibly insufficient) pensions. In addition, the cooperation between old and young promotes intergenerational dialog. And the best thing about it: there’s delicious cake for everyone!

Platz der Sozialen Sicherheit, 1030 Vienna

Habibi & Hawara should not be missing on the list of non-profit restaurants in Vienna. The restaurant in the 3rd district offers refugees a job or an apprenticeship – and also provides you and us with great Austrian-Oriental food. Stop by and be impressed by the cool concept and the great food – or order the delicacies as catering for your next event.


Kandlgasse 12, 1070 Vienna

Café Kandl is also known as mecca for natural wine fans, focussing on local wineries. Find an extensive selection that comes with incredibly nice and well informed service.